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Aerial Outlaws Racer65 - Shrieker Class BNF by PickleRick

Aerial Outlaws Racer65 - Shrieker Class BNF by PickleRick

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If you’re seeing this, enjoy the leak! 

Why We Made It

There’s all kinds of BNFs out there, but none that I felt were truly up to my personal standard for competitive racing. None that were truly premium. I really wanted to release a BNF that was using all of the best parts right out of the box and is built well. 

Video coming soon!

Choosing Parts

The first step was to secure all the best parts to put together into one build. After lots of testing and consulting with several pilots, we landed on the perfect parts list that would be suitable for top level performance and work perfectly for the pilots trying to get there. Your build DOES matter and these are the exact parts I use with 0 compromises. The video above explains exactly why each part was chosen but the whole parts list is just below

Parts List

  • BetaFPV F4 ELRS FC
  • VCI 702 27,000kv Motors
  • HQProp Ultralight 31mm Triblades
  • BetaFPV C03 Camera
  • Aerial Outlaws CustomFPV Camera Mount
  • Happymodel Mobula6 2024 Frame
  • TBS Unify Pro Nano VTX
  • Linear Monopole UFL Antenna
  • BT2 Battery Connector

There’a not a single whoop manufacturer that makes all the best parts, so to get a pro level build, you have to use parts from several different brands.

Built by PickleRick

Having the best parts only gets you so far if you don't have the best builder. Building a top level whoop takes tons of work and going the extra mile. This means adding a resistor to the VTX, using lightweight wires, swapping hardware, direct soldering everything, using the lightest weight parts, and all the other tricks used by the best builders. Most whoop pilots have never built a whoop like this because of the extra cost, the difficulty involved to build it, and the extra time and care it takes to go that extra mile. For this reason, it was important to have the right person complete these builds.

Launie Wade (aka "PickleRick") is the perfect man for this job. Known for his incredibly lightweight builds, he has no issues making whoops that are the envy of many. You won’t see any mass manufactured whoops built like this.  

If you’re curious, you can see all the details of the build in the video at the top of this description!

Camera Mount and Camera Angle

This BNF features the CustomFPV camera, the first choice camera mount for top whoop racing pilots. This mount features a FIXED camera angle, which is the preference of most top pilots. This allows for repeatable results and consistency. However, most pilots have a preferred camera. For this reason, please specify which camera angle you want using the order notes section of your cart. The available options are 35, 37.5, 40, 42.5, and 45 degrees. Since you get a spare mount with your BNF, you may also specify what angle you want your second mount to be.

If you do not specify which camera angle you want, you will be given a 37.5 degree camera angle with a spare 40 degree mount. This whoop is designed to go fast and to be flown at high camera angles. We feel these 2 angles have the highest likelihood of working for you.

If you only specify one camera angle in your order notes, your spare mount will also be that angle.

If you ask for a camera angle we don’t offer, you will be given the closest angle we do.

ELRS Bind Phrase

These whoops will come with ELRS 3 preinstalled on them. Binding is as simple as plugging in the whoop, waiting for 1 minute, and then using your phone or computer to connect to the “ExpressLRS RX” WiFi network it creates. From there, you will be able to enter in the bind phrase used on your ELRS 3 transmitter and get an instant bind.

If you would like us to do this for you, we can absolutely do that. Just include your bind phrase in your order notes along with your preferred camera angle.


  • Aerial Outlaws Racer65 BNF built by PickleRick
  • Extra set of props
  • Extra CustomFPV camera mount
  • Optional wide angle replacement lens for max FOV
  • Optional Dipole antenna for best video reception
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