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Happymodel Frame for Mobula6 2024

Happymodel Frame for Mobula6 2024

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Happymodel has entered the chat! With so many lightweight frames coming to market, Happymodel decided to throw their hat in the ring and release this absolute banger of a frame. While I haven't done full durability testing on mine, I've been told from some fast pilots that it is very durable and has lasted hundreds of packs with no sign of breaking. In my personal experience, I've put this frame on 2 different builds so far and both times I noticed an immediate increase in flight performance. I'm not sure what magic they're doing here, but my throttle and flight performance feels LOCKED using this frame. And all of this comes to you as the 2nd lightest frame in existence. This is will be my primary frame for my personal 65mm fleet for the foreseeable future!

Color option: Transparent black and Transparent white

This frame will be compatible with pretty much any 702/802/803/603 motors, aside from ones that are intentionally designed to be proprietary. It should also fit really any whoop flight controller as well as any modern whoop canopy. If you have any compatibility questions, feel free to ask!

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