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BikeGuy Camera Mount/Canopy

BikeGuy Camera Mount/Canopy

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The hugely anticipated BikeGuy Camera Mount is now here! This mount is the most versatile, lightweight mount on the market! At less than half a gram, this mount weighs less than most other popular mounts on the market. This mount has the added benefit of extra durability and flight controller protection, adjustable camera angle, and the fact that it works with nearly every camera out there. And for that reason, this is the best mount you can buy for almost every single whoop camera out there. 

This mount is made by Zaine “BikeGuy” Stapleton from Black Cat Design Co. It’s taken about 6 months to completely perfect but with lots of testing and redesigning, we are finally here! With most things in life, you can’t have it all, but that’s not the case with this mount. It is the lightest foldover canopy available ANYWHERE. It’s also incredibly stiff to prevent camera impacts into the flight controller, which is a problem with other foldover canopies, and has a TPU sling to separate the camera and flight controller with a layer of TPU for the worst case scenario. This sling also helps ensure the camera won’t twist, which is another problem that has been seen with other foldover canopies. 

When you mix the incredible stiffness of this canopy with the revolutionary sling design, and then make it the lightest foldover canopy to ever exist, you end up with a foldover canopy that is leagues ahead of the rest. 

The BikeGuy canopy is the best mount you’ll find for the new HDZero ECO camera, and it is a significant upgrade over the default canopy it comes with, offering more durability, lighter weight, and a better fit. 

These cameras are all known to be a perfect fit for this mount:

  • Tiny Whoop Pinch
  • Foxeer Pico Razer
  • BetaFPV C03
  • HDZero ECO
  • NewBeeDrone BeeEye
  • Caddx Ant Lite

There are many more that will fit; this is not an exhaustive list, but it is what I’ve already tested! 

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