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BetaFPV Screws and Rubber Dampers

BetaFPV Screws and Rubber Dampers

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This is the most popular screw set on the market for whoop FC's. I personally keep this exact set near my work bench so I always have the screws and gummies I need. These screws and gummies are made specifically mounting whoop flight controllers to whoop frames, such as the BetaFPV Meteor65 Air, Meteor 75, and Happymodel Mobula 7 V4. While most flight controllers do come with their own set of screws and gummies, sometimes you find you need an extra set!

If you don't need this entire variety pack, we do sell single packs of screws and gummies, including a variant for HDZero and Walksnail builds. 


Those screws and rubber dampers are really useful when you are mounting flight controller board to your whoop drones.

  • M1.2* 4 screws fit for stock Blade Indcutrix frame / 65mm frames.
  • M1.4* 5 screws fit for Eachine black E010 frame / 75mm / 85mm frames.

  • Black rubber dampers has a gap of 0.8mm
  • White rubber dampers has a gap of 1.2mm
  • Blue rubber dampers has a gap of 1.8mm

Note: I usually use the Black or White gummies on my builds but find the bBue to be a little bit too big of a gap for most whoop flight controllers.


  • 20 M1.2* 4 screws
  • 20 M1.4* 5 screws
  • 20 Black rubber dampers
  • 20 White rubber dampers
  • 20 Blue rubber dampers

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