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Happymodel Stack Screws and Damping Balls

Happymodel Stack Screws and Damping Balls

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These are different stack screws and rubber damping balls sets from Happymodel. They are used for mounting your flight controller into the frame!

We have 2 different versions here, the short screws and the long screws! The short screws are best used on analog builds where you are only mounting the flight controller to the frame. The long screws are best used for HD builds where you are mounting something like an HDZero VTX to the frame. 

The short screws are labeled as "moblite6" screws but will obviously work with any whoop frame as the mounting is all the same!

The long screws are labeled as "Mobula6 HD" screws. I believe these were originally made for the split cam version of the Mobula but they work perfectly for the HDZero and Walksnail versions as well. They're almost identical to the screw set that comes with the Superbee flight controller and the Mobula 6 HDZero BNF, but these screws are ever so slightly just a hair longer, which is perfect as I find the Superbee screws to be just a hair short!

Package include:
Rubber damping ball 4pcs
Screws 4pcs
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