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UWL Lite 0802 19,000kv

UWL Lite 0802 19,000kv

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These 802 19,000kv motors are the official motor of the UWL Ignitee Spec! They aren't REQUIRED for the UWL Igniter Spec, there are other options, but this one is the favorite! They have a 1mm motor shaft (so make sure your spec props are also for a 1mm shaft!) and a motor wire PCB for easy repairs!

This is a 4 pack of motors, enough for one whole UWL build!

If you don't fly UWL, these motors are still AWESOME for 75mm freestyle builds. The power of these are also great for beginner 65mm builds, however, these motors have extended motor wires specifically for 75mm builds, so they are recommended primarily for use on 75mm builds, either for freestyle or for UWL. 

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