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HQProp 31mm Biblade 31MMX2 - 4 Pack

HQProp 31mm Biblade 31MMX2 - 4 Pack

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This isn't a super popular propeller but I decided to bring it to the store because it's one I personally really like. Sometimes it can be hard to get these specific props pushed down all the way (and to take them back off) but these props have an insane amount of grip for being a biblade. They pair perfectly with 702 motors and are great for both racing and freestyle. If you're looking to try something a little different from the status quo, these are a top contender to start experimenting with, in my opinion!

Propeller Diameter : 31mm
Pitch : 1                              
Blades : 2
Material : Poly Carbonate        
Weight : 0.2g
Hub Diameter :5mm         
Hub Thickness : 5mm        
Shaft : 1mm 
Adaptor Rings : NO

2 x CW HQ Micro Whoop Prop 31MMX2
2 x CCW HQ Micro Whoop Prop 31MMX2

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