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Happymodel HDZero Nano V2 Canopy

Happymodel HDZero Nano V2 Canopy

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This canopy should be compatible with pretty much any whoop frame and is perfect for HDZero. It weighs only 0.8g which is actually on the light end of what an injection molded canopy will weigh. However, like all injection molded canopies, especially of this weight, they are prone to breaking sometimes. I've only broken one after several UWL races using it, so it really holds up pretty well, but it's always a good idea to have a spare in your bag, just in case! This style of injection molded canopy also does a lot to protect your flight controller from taking impact in a crash, which is a huge bonus! 

Also, keep in mind that the mounting points for an HDZero vtx are much too big for a whoop screw, and the smaller heads on the longer screws used for HD builds are too small to hold the VTX in place on their own. So having a canopy with 4 mounting points like this and small screw holes is essential for your HDZero builds. If you don't understand what I'm talking about and you've never built and HDZero whoop before, trust me, start here with this canopy and get some extra long HD stack screws! 

Brand Name: Happymodel
Item Name: Camera Canopy for Mobula6 HDZERO
Material: PP
Weight: 0.8g
Camera angle could adjustable easily
Best for HDZero Nano Lite Camera

Package Included:
1 x Camera Canopy
2 x M1.4x3 screws

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