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Gemfan 31mm Quadblade 1220 Props (for 65mm whoop) - 8 Pack

Gemfan 31mm Quadblade 1220 Props (for 65mm whoop) - 8 Pack

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This has been my favorite prop to fly EVER. It has so much power and grip, it will make your whoop feel 5g lighter! You HAVE to make sure that your motor can handle this much prop, however, otherwise your whoop will feel unresponsive. I recommend using 603 motors or bigger for this prop, but if you can do that, it will likely be one of your favorite props ever. Some people also like this propeller for 802 but I like to keep it 603. You also won't need (or want) as high of a kv motor paired with this prop to maintain high efficiency and controllability. For a 1s build, I would recommend a 23,000kv motor max! I personally stick closer to 20,000kv most of the time.

Pitch:2 inch
Props Dia:31mm

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