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CustomFPV Camera Mount/Canopy v20

CustomFPV Camera Mount/Canopy v20

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Camera Angle

The lightest camera mount durable enough to stand up to the abuse of the fastest whoop racers in the world, the CustomFPV camera mount is finally here! This mount took 2 of the top 4 spots at Whooptopia 2024, including the champion, TDog! 

A Word From CustomFPV

Here’s what CustomFPV has to say about his mount:
“This mount has been designed from the ground up to be ultra light without sacrificing durability. As competitive whoop racers, we rely on our gear to hold up through crashes and propel us to victory. I was sick and tired of trying different mounts only to realize they couldn’t hold up to my abuse. In its 20th revision, I’ve spent months and months tweaking this to get it just right. I’ve had the pleasure of having top pilots beta test it for me and was able to give out some of my v16 mounts at Whooptopia this past year for some of my friends to try - feedback has been great! I hope you like it!”
-Noah “CustomFPV” Pitzer

Camera Compatibility

In order to get this mount so incredibly light while still maintaining durability, it has to be made specifically for each individual camera. The different versions will have slight weight variances due to being made to fit different cameras, but they’re all under 0.4g with the pinch version being the lightest due to it being the smallest camera.

Pinch Version:

The pinch version of this mount will only fit cameras that have a 12mm wide, decased PCB with short lens mounts and an M7 lens. The pinch camera is the only one I know of that fits this description!

HDZero ECO/BeeEye:

The ECO version of this mount, while designed for the ECO specifically, may actually work with other cameras. In fact, most cameras with an M7 lens and decased pcb will fit this mount. The BeeEye has been tested and fits perfect. The Ant Lite lens is juuuuuuuust ever so slightly extended. It seems to fit okay but sits right on the edge of the mount which might increase the risk of contact between your flight controller and camera pcb. It hasn’t been tested, but this mount will also most likely fit a pinch camera as well since it should hold the lens perfect and the shelf is big enough for the pcb. The pinch version will be lighter though.

3D Print Quality

By nature, 3D printed parts aren’t perfect. This is a very tricky print due to the weight cutting techniques that have been implemented in both the design and printing process. It has been executed well, but you mat notice a little bit of stringing in the mounts you receive, especially at lower cam angles. This is not structural and can be easily clipped away with side cutters. Please feel free to reach out if you have any concerns about the print quality of your mounts.

Update: the latest batches have gone the extra mile to ensure the best print quality possible so the latest stock is even better than before.

30 Degree Camera Mounts

This mount is designed specifically for racers and race builds and the design caters towards being the ultimate race mount. That being said, this mount was not exactly designed for 30 degree flying and it is extra difficult to print at this angle. We want to offer a 30 degree option for the people who like this angle but it will be noticeably worse print quality. It will still work fine but if you order this angle, please be aware that we just haven’t found a way to make it as good yet. 


The pinch version of this mount weighs in at 0.36-0.37g depending on the angle you fly (higher angles will be slightly heavier, as they have more material under the lens). Other versions of this mount will be slightly heavier but so far they are all under 0.4g

Additional Info

You may notice a slight “stretch” in the side legs to get them out to their mounts on the frame. This is by design! It helps keep the mount at tension for added rigidity without added weight. 

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