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Blackhorse LED PCB for Battery Lead

Blackhorse LED PCB for Battery Lead

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This LED PCB comes from veteran whoop pilot Blackhorse and solves many problems that exist with creating your own battery leads. 

Firstly, this PCB makes creating your own 180 degree pigtails SUPER easy, which is something a lot of people struggle with.

Secondly, this PCB serves as a firm grip to get those BT2 batteries unplugged. Alright, so maybe I am the only person who has been in a panic because I can't get my battery unplugged while the next race is about to start, but It's happened to me enough times to where I appreciate this!

Thirdly, by using this PCB, your connector pins won't be rotating and causing your exposed battery lead wires to potentially come into contact mid flight, causing a short. If you've ever made a 180 degree pigtail and not glued it or heatshrank it into place, you know what I'm talking about! So while I'm not officially recommending this, I do feel much more comfortable leaving my solder joints exposed using this PCB than I do just a straight 180 degree solder job. And in that case, you might find your pigtail is actually LIGHTER by using this ultra light PCB than doing a straight connection and using heat shrink or globs of glue. 

Finally, the LEDs, duh! Adding an LED to your pigtail is a level of swag most people will never achieve! And this is definitely the easiest way to do it. 

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