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UWL BNF - Analog

UWL BNF - Analog

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These are UWL legal builds hand built to be perfect for the UWL spec. 

They feature a full cob wrap and come in at roughly 40.5-41g, although this is battery dependent. 

Every build is using A-Stock flight controllers and has been tested and test flown to be sure everything works great. 

They are set up and tuned EXACTLY how I (FPV Yeti) set up my own personal UWL builds. PIDs, Filters, Rates, OSD, switches, RPM Limiting… it’s all done! Of course, you may want to customize your own OSD and craft name, maybe add your own rates, but I did my best to make sure you wouldn’t have to do anything besides open it up and fly!

In fact, if you wanna shoot me your ELRS Bind Phrase, I’ll put that in before shipping as well. So it can ship to you ALREADY BOUND TO YOUR RADIO.

These builds use ELRS 3 so as long as your transmitter is using ELRS 3 and has a bind phrase already set up, you’ll be good to go!

This canopy has 2 options for fixed camera angles: 20 degrees and 30 degrees. These will ship with the 30 degree canopy already installed but I’m working on making higher camera mounts that you can screw into your canopy if you’d like a higher camera angle. You can download the free STL and print it off yourself! You may have to slightly trim the canopy for the high camera angles to work, though. 

Full Parts List:

  • BetaFPV F411 1s 5a SPI D8 FC
  • BetaFPV ELRS Lite RX (flat antenna)
  • BetaFPV M03 VTX
  • BetaFPV C03 Camera/Canopy
  • BetaFPV Meteor75 RX
  • UWL Lite 802 19,000kv Motors
  • Gemfan 1610 Biblades
  • 4mm COB LEDs (Full Wrap)
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